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What we do


Compression Energy Management, LLC is a provider of consulting services to users of industrial compression equipment.

With almost three decades of experience in engineering design, field services, project management and support, we have designed and commissioned control and protection systems for nearly 100 centrifugal and axial compressors, driven by gas turbines, steam turbines and electric motors.

We service all industries where centrifugal and axial compressors are widely used, such as Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Air Separation, Metals and Mining and General Manufacturing.

We take advantage of Internet technologies to communicate with you and provide you with a professional advice.

Our Philosophy

We aim at spending generous amount of time learning your needs and assessing how we can help.  We present our findings and recommendations for approval by our clients before any work begins. Our designs  are always supported by return on investment (ROI) estimates.

Our Mission

We help our customers achieve their business objectives of uninterrupted production, high process efficiency and safe operation of industrial compressors, and we do it with the highest level of business ethics and personal integrity.​​​ 


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