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   Users of industrial rotating equipment frequently face challenges in running centrifugal and axial compressors safety and efficiently, such as: ​​​

  • Unplanned and unexplained compressor shutdowns
  • Suboptimally tuned surge prevention and surge protection leading to process instability or  partial loss of production
  • Excessive energy consumption of a single compressor or a group of compressors tied in a parralel or series network

​   These and other unwanted events frequetnly have a substantial negative impact on the machinery integrity, production capacity, product yield and human safety.​ Inadequately designed or functioning control system can lead to these and other problems costing the plant operator from tens of thousands to millions of dollars in equipment repair/replacement and operational losses.

   Whether it is a new installation or a retrofit project, to minimize risks the plant owners need an expert advice in all aspects of machine control and safety design and commissioning. 

   Troubleshooting a control problem requires analysis of multi-dimentional data and futher integration of the results of such analysis into meaningful information that the users are looking for.