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     Compressors stand out among other members of the "rotating equipment" family for they are always a part of a rather sophisticated process of gas compression. Compressor static and dynamic load characteristics depend on the process gas parameters (flow, pressure, temperature) and other parameters of the adjacent process.
     Operation of dynamic (axial and centrifugal) compressors becomes even more complicated due to performance limits imposed by compressor surge, choke, maximum pressure ratio, etc.  Safe operation of dynamic compressors in the vicinity of those limits is required for several reasons. First, exceeding the limits may result in a protective action, such as shutdown of the compressor. A shutdown of a process-critical compressor frequently leads to an unplanned downtime of the entire process or its part. Secondly, compressor surge may lead to damage of the compressor mechanical components before the protection system takes an action.

   When designing control and protection systems for dynamic compressors with safe operation in mind, it is critical to take multiple factors into account, such as flow measurement, piping configuration, check valve location, compressor interaction with adjacent equipment and process control.

      Each compressor design as well as the process application may be quite unique. Experience with one type of compressor application may not always be relied upon to attain sufficient comfort that the new compressor control and protection system is properly designed, the appropriate elements of the system are selected, integrated and will warrant operation without substantial risks.

     This is where users can take advantage of CEM experience in a broad range of compression applications, ranging from designing relatively simple control strategies for a single stage compressor to the complete engineered controls and protection solutions for multistage process gas compressor trains.

 Controls & Safety